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Older Man Accepts Bisexuality
I'm 71 years old and this is my story. I married very young. I was 18 and my new bride was 21. Although I had tried very hard, I was still a virgin. When I fucked my new bride on our wedding night I was in heaven. Because I was still new at it, straight fucking was good enough for me. But over time I wanted more and my wife was not willing to go beyond straight fucking. No matter how much I pleaded she would never suck my cock or let me eat her pussy. Our straight sex continued over the years and although I wanted more, it just never happened. One of my best friends wanted to fuck my wife very much, but when I mentioned it to her she freaked. I was hoping if I could convince her to fuck him, it might open her up to other things as well. But it was a non-starter. Finally

   in her sixties, I was able to eat her pussy for the first time and surprisingly she liked it. I was hoping that if I ate her pussy and she liked it, she would reciprocate and suck my cock. But

   alas, she still refused. I had started to turn to reading porn stories and masturbating to achieve the sexual satisfaction

   that I had been missing. I loved reading stories about guys getting sucked off and that led me to reading stories

   from the gay section. Up until then, I had never .

   considered man on man sex and believed myself to be 100% straight. I responded to a story that I particularly liked and made some nice comments. To my surprise, the

   author responded and we began an e-mail exchange. It turned out he lived in the next state about 180 miles

   from me. Over the course of our conversations, I told him of my desire to have my cock sucked and

   how my wife had always refused me. He then asked if I had ever considered letting a man suck me

   off. I admitted that until now I had not. He then told me that men were by far the better cocksuckers and if I liked he would suck me off. At first I was nervous fearing that if I let him suck me off, he would want me to suck him, but he insisted that he was only interested in

   sucking me. Because I often went on golf outings, I had the perfect cover and traveled to the next state, and in a motel room, I got my first blowjob. I was lying back on the bed with him between

   my legs and as I fucked up into his mouth, .

   I blew my load in his mouth. It was bliss. He returned the next morning and sucked me again. I began searching out men on the net hoping to find

   another cocksucker closer to home. I found a young man who was home recuperating from elbow surgery and he would go on cam and jack his cock for me. His cock was mesmerizing to me and I started thinking about sucking. It was the first time I ever had these feelings. Each time I saw his gorgeous cock the feelings would return and I found myself telling him I wanted to suck his gorgeous cock. I couldn't believe me saying

   I wanted to suck him, but I knew I did. Since he live about 30 miles from me, it was easy to make arrangements for a meet. At our meeting, when I saw his cock I immediately went down on it and started sucking like I was an experienced cocksucker, which I was not. I told him since I was new, I probably would not be able to let him cum in my mouth. After sucking that gorgeous cock for

   a very short time, he pulled out and came on a towel. I was very surprised on how fast he came. And try as I might, I could not get him hard again. It turned out to be a bit disappointing but I knew I would enjoy sucking cock again. That was the beginning of me adapting to being a cocksucker. While chatting with a guy from out of state, he told me about a web site for bi and

   gay older men. I checked it out and joined. There are tens of thousands of members worldwide. I was very surprised to find many members lived near me. I couldn't believe the number of older married men like me who were into male on male sex. Most were into cock sucking, but there were a number that enjoyed fucking as well. The biggest problem with married guys is we cannot host. So finding a suitable meeting place is a problem. I

   seemed to hit it off with one of the married guys I met and we talked about getting together for some mutual sucking, but a meeting place posed a problem. Then he suggested he knew of a possible location. He lived in an upscale neighborhood that had an unfinished house in a remote wooded area of the development. The house was being built for a couple of lesbians, but the builder went broke and the house was unfinished. I agreed to meet him there and we went to the second floor near a window that gave us a view of the surrounding area and anyone that might be approaching. We both dropped our short pants and he dropped down and

   started sucking me. Damn it felt good. After a short while he got up and I dropped down and began sucking him. And damn it felt good. He said, "Get up," and he laid down a large towel on a landing in front of the window and told me to lie down on it. He then got in a 69 position over me and we proceeded to suck one another. As I had not cum in several days, I felt cum leap from my cock and pour into his mouth. Damn it felt good. He turned around and wanted to kiss me with my cum in his mouth, but I felt myself start to gag and said no. As he

   swallowed my cum I told him, I'm probably not ready to take a load in my mouth. He said, Okay,

   and asked if he could cum on me. I said yes. He proceeded to finish by jacking off and cumming on my chest. It was an awesome experience. I told him next time he could cum on my face, which .

   would be just another step before me being able to take a load in my mouth. Later while we were

   chatting online, he said we were going to lose the house as a meeting spot as the builder had secured a new construction loan. Good for the lesbian couple, but bad for us. We were left with the same problem,

   i.e. a suitable meeting place. Then he surprised me by telling me that he had been participating in some group meetings and the group had an apartment. He gave me the e-mail address of the host guy responsible for the

   group meetings and suggested I contact him to arrange an invite. I sent an e-mail and got a very quick response. The host was glad to invite me and said they were always looking for new participants. The meets would

   occur every other Wednesday. I contacted my friend and told him I had secured the invite and we agreed to

   meet in a nearby parking lot the day of the next meeting. We met in the parking lot as planned and I got in his car and we drove the short distance to the apartment. We were met at the .

   door by the nude host who welcomed us. As we walked in, there were two fairly young guys standing in the middle of the room masturbating and both were sporting nice size cocks. One was a black guy, which surprised me, and the other was a slightly overweight white guy .

   with a very nice looking cock. My friend immediately removed

   his clothes and indicated for me to do the same. Once nude he directed me toward a bedroom. In the bedroom he told me to lie down and we got into a 69 position and proceeded to suck each other. .

   I noticed some movement next to us and I looked to see three other guys in the room. One guy was sucking a cock right next to us and the third guy was watching and masturbating. Then the third guy

   went to my friend and began licking his ass. I had been very close to cumming and this caused me to lose my intensity. Then I saw the black guy come in and he looked at me and smiled. He held his big black cock in his hand and kept smiling. I got the idea he wanted me to suck .

   him, and that was not going to happen. I took my friend's cock from my mouth and said, I have

   to go. He was disappointed that I didn't finish sucking him off, but the ass rimming, the other guy and the fact the apartment was not very clean was a big turn off for me. I went back into the

   living room and started getting dressed. The host came up and I told him I had to leave. He said I could get dressed and just watch if I wanted and he invited me back for the next meeting in

   two weeks. An invitation I probably won't accept. Although some of my bisexual experiences have been less than I hoped for, I realize I love my cock sucked, and if it is going to be sucked, it will be by

   a man. I also have accepted the fact that I enjoy sucking cock. I just have one last hurdle to overcome. That is the gag reflex when a cock is ready to explode in my mouth. I realize it is a process, and I know eventually I will be a real cocksucker, and swallow cum.

   This story

   is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than fantas.com with

   this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.
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