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'Easy Anna' And Her Mother's Birthday 'party'
A couple of weeks ago my mom turned fifty. She was really upset because she felt that her sex life

   was pretty much over because of her age. She looks really amazing for her age. I've been told that she looks ten to fifteen years younger than she really is. In fact a couple of times we were taken for sisters and not mother and daughter.My sister Karen, husband Mark and I were trying to come up with a birthday

   party that would actually help her and not hurt her. Mom came up from Tennessee for her birthday and Karen was going to fly in from Atlanta for the celebration."You know you're fifty and fuckable," was the first thing Mark

   said when she walked into our living room."Oh knock it off," she replied. "You're just being nice.""No I'm serious. If Anna doesn't mind I'll take you right here and right .

   now," he retorted."Maybe later Mark You need to go pick

   up Karen at the airport," I replied."Okay, but I'll fuck you before the end of the weekend Jill," he told my mom.Mark gave me a kiss and said he'd be back in a couple of hours."What do you have in .

   mind?" my mom asked."Well, we're going to a club that I've been to before. It's lots of fun and you'll really like it.""Just exactly what do you mean by 'fun'?" she asked."Well let's just say I spent a lot of

   time on my back."She just shook her head and laughed. .

   "What should I wear?" was her next question."As little as

   possible," was my advice.We looked at the clothing that she brought with her and realized that nothing would really work."I've got the perfect dress for you to wear," I told her.I went into my closet and picked out a short

   halter top dress that I knew would be tight on her because I have B cups breasts and my mom

   has C cups."Try this on, but no underwear or bra," I explained. "That way you'll be ready for action."She went into the bathroom and after a minute or so she .

   walked out."Well, what do you think?" she asked."It's a good thing Mark isn't here because he'd jump your bones right now," I stated. "You'll be a hit at the club."As we both laughed my cell phone rang."Karen's flight is delayed by a couple of hours. You guys need to head .

   down to the club and we'll catch up when we can," Mark decreed. "Have fun and get your mom laid.""Okay. What time is her flight getting in?" I asked."Hasn't even left Atlanta yet. Weather delays so at least another two hours," he replied."Okay we're leaving in about an hour. Keep us informed."I explained the situation to my mom and I told her that I was going to get dressed and that we'd be leaving shortly. I picked out a black

   semi see-thru halter top dress that barely covered my ass and pussy. I was bra-less and my nipples and areolea .

   were quite visible for all to see."Holy fuck!" was all my mother said. "I guess you're trolling for cock tonight.""Oh yeah!."We got into my car in the garage and headed south to our destination. After several minutes my phone rang and my mom answered it."Hi sexy," was the greeting Mark .

   gave her."Oh Mark. What's up?" she asked."We're be on our

   way shortly. Karen's waiting for her luggage then we'll be on the road.""Okay see ya soon," she replied.She hung up and looked at me. "They're on their way. Are we going in before they get here?""Yes we are. It'll be

   busy so we need to get a booth."We arrived at the club and we paid our cover and went to the bar."Hey sexy, how ya doing?" a handsome well dressed black man said to me."Oh Ron! How the hell are you?" I screamed as I hugged him."Great. Who's this foxy babe with you?""Why it's my mother Jill. It's her birthday and we're here to celebrate.""Damn. Were you five when you had Anna?" he asked.My mother blushed and laughed. "Nice to

   meet you Ron.""Hey I have a nice booth upstairs. Do you both wanna join me?" he asked."Sure," my mom replied before I could even think.We got a pitcher of beer and I followed Ron and my mom as we walked

   up the stairs to an area of VIP booths. I saw people in various states of dress and preforming all

   different sexual acts on each other."Here we are," Ron stated as we got to a nice booth. "Tran will be here shortly. I know he'll be happy to see you.""You know them?" my mom asked."Oh yeah. They both are awesome. Ron has an amazing dick," I whispered in her ear."Anna!" Tran screamed when he saw me. "How are ya doing?""Great.

   Nice to see you," I replied."Do you wanna go out and dance?" he asked.I looked at my mom and asked if it was okay."Sure have fun. Ron and I are gonna get acquainted."Tran and I walked to the dance floor."Damn you look hot," he stated."You like?" I asked."Yeah. I'm already hard just looking at you. Tonight I'm gonna fuck you on the dance floor in front of everyone," he replied.We made it to the dance floor and Tran pulled my

   tight against him."You weren't kidding. You pitched a tent in your pants.""It's all your fault."We started dancing to a slow

   song and his hands were all over me, feeling my boobs and rubbing my ass."Turn around. I'm gonna take you here," he said as he turned my ass towards him.He pulled my dress up over my ass and the next thing I knew it I felt his dick penetrate my wet pussy."Oh baby. Come on ride my cock," he screamed

   over the music.He pulled my halter top down and strangers hands started feeling my boobs as we fucked on the

   dance floor. It was strange having all those hands rubbing my boobs."Oh yeah," he moaned as he filled my pussy

   with the first load of cum of the night. He pulled out and we kissed on the dance floor as he felt me up. I had my hand on his semi-erect dick. I stroked him hoping to get him hard

   again."I need to suck your cock," I whispered to him."Okay. .

   I'd like that. Let's go back to the booth and we can get more comfortable," he replied.We walked back towards our booth. My boobs were uncovered and Tran's cock was

   out of his pants. We got to the booth and my mom was completely naked on her back with Ron straddling her fucking her mouth."Holy shit," I said."Nice body," Tran replied. "I need to lick her cunt.""Okay. Go for it,"

   I stated.Tran got on his knees and pulled her legs apart and buried his head between her legs. "Get ready Jill! I'm cumming!" Ron screamed filling her mouth with his warm cum.She swallowed all of it and milked him dry sucking his cock long after he came."Oh shit....I'm cumming," she screamed as she bucked and moaned having a massive orgasm.She

   sat up after resting for a couple of moments and looked at me and winked."Oh my God you were right. .

   Ron's amazing. I could fuck him all night.""Do you really wanna party?" he asked the two of us."What do you have in mind?" Jill asked."Well we have a 'backroom' that's used for special occasions. I think a birthday gang bang

   might be in order if you're up to it.""I don't know about Anna, but I'm game.""Me too," was my reply.Ron

   took my naked mom's hand and Tran and I walked arm in arm to a hidden room just off the main dance floor. We walked in and saw dozens of naked people in daisy chains and fucking in every position

   imaginable. "Over here," Ron said. "Anna strip and the two of you get on your backs."Tran got on a microphone and announced "We have a special birthday girl here with her daughter. They're here for a birthday gang bang so anyone interested get in line."I watched as dozens of men and women came over to see what was going on.

   "I get the one with the big tits," said a tall grey haired well toned man. He said something to my mom then buried his dick inside of her pussy.An attractive brunette with small boobs looked at me and asked, "Do you let women lick your snatch?""Sure," I replied as she buried her face in my crotch.Her husband walked over to me and said, "Suck my dick."I obliged deep throating him as his sexy wife ate my pussy. I couldn't see what was going on with my mom but I .

   could hear her moaning."Oh yes...fuck me harder and make me cum! Oh yes...oh yes," she screamed.Then I could only hear grunts and I looked over and she now had a

   cock in her mouth as well as her cunt."Oh baby...lick my clit. I'm cumming," I screamed as I climaxed in

   the strangers face. No sooner did I cum that her husband shot his load deep down my throat. I had

   little time to recover when I felt another one spread my legs apart and bury their hard cock inside of

   me. This went on for almost an hour. I lost .

   track of the number of orgasms that I had. Once

   one guy would finish another one would fuck me. I finally sat up after the last guy fucked me and my mom still had a line with six or seven guys waiting for her. She was sucking one guy off

   while the other one would fuck her. "She's really amazing. Don't get upset but your mom is the best cocksucker I've ever encountered," Ron said to me as we watched her."I know. I've heard that before from different men. I wish I knew her secret."Finally the last guy finished and I looked over at her cum covered sweaty body."Well what

   do ya think?""Best birthday EVER!" she replied. "I've never fucked so many guys at one time and never sucked that many cocks before. That was great!"We both got dressed and I found my cell phone and had a dozen messages from Mark. They couldn't find us so they went home. "We're on our own. Mark and Karen couldn't find us so they left," I told mom."Too bad. He doesn't know what he missed," she replied."I think you need to know. I spoke with Ron and Tran earlier in the week .

   and had everything all set up. I showed them a

   picture of you and Ron said he needed to fuck you," I explained."Well thanks for the great time. I'm glad I can still get men hard."We got in the car and drove the hour back home. We walked into the house and saw clothing strewn all over the house."Oh yes...fuck me harder!" Karen screamed.We went upstairs and Mark was fucking

   Karen doggy style on the bed. He was pounding away and they didn't know we were watching as they fucked.

   "I'm gonna fuck with him," my mom whispered to me. .

   She undressed and got behind him and licked his balls."What

   the fuck?" Mark screamed as he pulled his erect cock out of Karen's pussy."Hi Mark," she said taking his cock

   in her mouth. She sucked his cock faster and faster until he blew his load deep inside her. "Mom!" Karen .

   cried. "I was almost ready to cum.""Sorry. I couldn't help it. I wanted to taste him."The rest of the night

   was pretty much a blur. The three of us really rocked Mark's world that night. He told me if it wasn't for the 'little purple pill' he'd never been able to keep up with us. My mom was out of

   her 'funk' thanks to the guys from the club and her confidence was back. But we still have more to cum........ .

   This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than fantas.com with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.
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01.01.1970 - 1104 Read - 1 Comment
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len - 21.02.2014 - 00:49 -
I am sitting here naked with my
8 inch uncut cock in my hand.
licking my pre-cum off my finger. this story is so hot, I
love mother-son and daughter sex, combined with
voyeur group. I am holding back cumming until read more letters
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